IT'S TIME for fresh thinking and new ideas.

Together we will work together to bring about the changes you both need and deserve. 

My biography will show you my qualifications, certificates, accreditations, and proven track record that will enable me to represent you as your Member of Parliament for West Bay West.

Seeking positive change for Cayman

Thought Leadership

For more than 30 years I have endeavored to be a “Servant Leader” working effectively behind the scenes in various community and public advocacy initiatives. These papers are just some of the many letters I have written in an effort to bring needed change to Cayman.


Restoring Our Caymanian Workforce

We must get our people back to work so they have a chance to earn a living.

Labour Force Training

Caymanian workers can be the best in the world, if we will only help them.

Other Permanent Residency Options

A new restricted version of Permanent Residence will encourage confident and sustainable development in Cayman

Daylight Savings

Think of the benefits of being able to conduct business and our family lives in sync with the rest of the world.

Cultural Diversity

We must find a way to preserve our own culture while we embrace the diversity that abounds in Cayman.

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