THANK YOU to my wonderful Committee, Family, Friends, Guest Speakers, Well-Wishers, and Prayer Warriors. A special salute to my 431 supporters at the Polls on 14th April, who Voted in favour of “re-igniting that bright shining city on a Hill!
I pause to reflect and give Thanks. (CLICK HERE)


My Declaration Statement

by Mario E. Ebanks

My Agenda For Action

by Mario E. Ebanks

Statement of Shared Values and Beliefs

by Mario E. Ebanks

We welcome your support!

IT'S TIME! Get involved with our Committee

Don't be fooled. Your VOTE is SECRET.

Cayman Islands Elections Act (2021 Revision) Section 104. SECRECY OF VOTING (1) Every election officer and every agent appointed under section 40(1)(a) or (b), or section 64(1) in attendance at a polling station shall maintain and aid in maintaining the secrecy of the voting in such station, and no person shall interfere with or attempt to interfere with an elector when marking that person’s vote, or otherwise attempt to obtain in the polling station any information as to the candidate for whom any elector in such station is about to vote or has voted.

Signing the Anti-Corruption Pledge




Melissa Rankine-Seymour

'Character' is on the ballot, that's for sure so let's make every vote count in this very important election. Thank you, Melissa Rankine-Seymour, for your great thought leadership and for speaking your mind at our recent launch rally!

Shane Ebanks

It's becoming increasingly obvious that people really do WANT A CHANGE! Mario E. Ebanks is that change for WBW. Please vote for Mario E. Ebanks on April 14th and BE THE CHANGE you deserve.

Jordan Rivers

Jordan Rivers speaks out after the launch rally and agrees IT'S TIME for a change in this country!

Laura Young

We are all looking forward to that day after Apr 14th when Caymanians can celebrate the new government that will move us FORWARD as a country. IT'S TIME, Cayman!

WBW Voters – Let us know if you would like a ride on April 14th to our polling station!


Lovenia Ebanks

Mrs. Lovenia Ebanks has been happily married to Mr. Mario Ebanks for the past 32 years. She is a former Miss Cayman Islands, a banker and HR professional who retired from Scotia Bank in 2019 after 44 years service.

Marjorie Ebanks

Mrs Marjorie Ebanks has known Mario E. Ebanks for a long time. He was her student when he was a teenager and since that time she has followed his success in many endeavors. Here is someone who has known Mario for decades and firmly believes he is our best choice to represent West Bay West in this upcoming election on April 14th.

Troy Leacock

Troy Leacock is the Owner of Crazy Crab Private Boat Charters and the Co-Owner of Vivo Restaurant. A West Bayer from Elizabeth Street, Troy was a student at Ms Izzi’s school and Truth for Youth. He attended the University of Pennsylvannia in the United States. As a young advocate for the protection of Cayman’s marine environment, Troy was a part of the group that successfully campaigned for the creation of Marine Parks 35 years ago.

Shyvon Hydes

Mrs Shyvon Hydes has given her district and country at large almost 2 decades of service. Whether it was representing her school at the Children’s National Festival of the Arts, representing the country at various international college/university conferences, or founding the charity Snack-Fluence.

Jordan Rivers

Jordan Rivers is a passionate 23 year old Caymanian, whose love of country has led him to take a deep interest in the way Cayman is being governed. In this video, Jordan endorses the WBW candidate, Mario E. Ebanks, who is running in our General Election on April 14th, 2021.

Capt Owen Farrington

Capt. Owen Farrington, son of National Hero, the Hon. T.W. (“Willy”) Farrington, is the oldest remaining vestryman who was elected in 1956. He is one of the oldest Captains in West Bay. He was President of the Seafearers Association from 2001 to 2003.

Celene Crance

Mario Ebanks is a Champion for Caymanians and all things Caymanian. This election is so very critical in determining the future for all us here today and those Caymanians who will be here in generations to come. Mario Ebanks is a Servant Leader with a servant heart whose word IS HIS BOND. He will be here for you, West Bay West, in times or your joy and yes, even in times of your sorrow. He is truly the BEST CHOICE we have to represent us in Parliament.Please let me tell you why...

Melissa Rankine-Seymour

Melissa Rankine-Seymour is an 8th generation Caymanian and has resided in West Bay all her life. She holds certificates in Paralegal Studies, a Diploma in Fund Administration and Post Graduate Degree in Corporate Finance. Her career spans the Financial Services Industry in Banking, Telecommunications, and the Fund Administration Services field.

Shane Ebanks

Mr. Shane Ebanks from the district of West Bay is an entrepreneur, business owner and an ambassador to these beautiful Cayman Islands. He has worked for the past 25 years in the tourism industry. He's a man who believe in strong family values, mutual respect and respecting others opinions while holding fast to his own beliefs.



Mario E. Ebanks is ready

IT'S TIME to speak out

Over the past few weeks I have been discussing my Agenda For Action and my Vision 2050 plan.

In the media...

Video clips from the campaign trail

latest news

Latest News & Press

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