Statement of Shared Values and Beliefs

No one is above the law and especially a representative of the Cayman Islands government.
I have always held fast to the following values and beliefs which I feel exemplify the standards of leadership you deserve from any public servant for our government.
  • High standards of ethics, morals, and integrity;
  • Commitment to Godly and Christian values;
  • Commitment to maintaining a stable government and country;
  • Outstanding and value-added representation for my West Bay West constituents;
  • Commitment to environmental protection, managed growth, and sustainable tourism;
  • Effective preparedness of our people to allow full participation in economic opportunities;
  • Gaining strength and meaningful benefits from balanced cultural diversity;
  • Consistent and reasonable availability, and preparation for national affairs;
  • Commitment to free enterprise and capitalism, with a social conscience;
  • Togetherness and caring for our communities and for each other;
  • Willingness to resign as an MP (if elected) if evidence of corruption or public misconduct is presented and proven
  • An elevated level of public debate on issues and solutions, free from character assasination, rumours and innuendo;
  • Helping people to help themselves, and not creating a welfare-state attitude amongst able-bodied citizens;
  • Stability, consistency, dignity and decorum – leading by example;
  • Appreciative of public constructive criticism, and zero-tolerance for vindictiveness.